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The word cancer has always scared me. This disease has long been linked to the idea of ​​death for me.
Yet this morning, when I saw a video of AJ + about breast cancer, I almost felt soothed.
I say "almost", because in themselves, the words are not particularly reassuring, I grant you.
It's just that I appreciated the fact that the video is factual, giving information in the most neutral way possible.

There are several misconceptions about breast cancer. We debunk 4 myths about the disease.
– AJ + (@ajplus) November 2, 2017

Four received ideas are explained in turn.
A breast size is not necessarily a cancer
It's not because you have a lump in your chest that you have cancer. 80% of the detected sizes are not cancerous.
So, how to decide? Esther explained in January 2017 in an article about self-palpation:
"A cancerous tumor is often" hard and impossible to move "(like a lemon peel). While the mundane sizes look more like peas, soft. "
Of course, consult a professional • at the slightest doubt. The idea is simply not to panic too quickly.

#Rediff How lemons saved a woman affected by breast cancer (and can save you)
– (@madmoiZelle) September 20, 2017

Breast cancer is not necessarily related to your genetics
Contrary to popular belief, the majority (70%) of breast cancers have nothing to do with family history or identified factors.
Let's say they are the result of unfortunate chance.
On the other hand, the risk of developing cancer is actually higher if one of your parents or grandparents has already been there, unfortunately.
Men can develop breast cancer
Men can also be affected by breast cancer.
In 2015, Samuel L. Jackson gave his voice to an awareness campaign to remind everyone to palpate their chest.
1% of the victims of this cancer are men. Unfortunately, as they have less reflex to go to consult in case of size in their chest, they are often diagnosed at more advanced stages of the disease.
Larger breasts do not increase risk of cancer
Finally, having bigger breasts does not increase the risk of getting cancer.
In contrast, breast tissue mass can make cancer detection more complicated by mammography. This does not mean that if you have cancer, it will be undetectable, rest assured!

Four misconceptions about breast cancer, an informative video
I found this video very well done, and less alarmist than the content that I used to see about it.
But the reason that pushed me to share it with you is that I found it very informative.
I also thought that breast cancer was mainly due to her family heritage and I was the first to panic when I felt a lump in my breast two years ago. While it was nothing.
And you, did you learn things through this video?
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