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November 5, 2017 – One month after the reboot of our YouTube channel, it's time to ask: what do you think? You subscribed • e? If not, it's still the moment! Between Elise's fashion tutos, Alison's beauty videos, Mymy releases, Sister Sister and more regular Street Tattoos, or the return of Street Style, did you like this program?

And we wait for your opinion in the comments on YouTube or in the forum!
October 8, 2017 – YouTube is so cool.
You do not know what to look for when you eat your sandwich at noon? Youtube. Do not you know how to use a can opener? YouTube (true story). Do you want to know what the new Blade Runner is worth? Youtube.
Are you looking for a hairstyle idea for a wedding? Youtube. Do you want to learn about international politics? Youtube. Do you want to burst out laughing to overcome your hangover? Youtube.
YouTube is so cool, and madmoiZelle is around since the Play button is the Play button. With acoustic sessions, interviews, Mad Gyver, recipes, beauty tutorials, Street Tattoos …

Twelve years after the creation of madmoiZelle, it was time to dust off our YouTube channel. So we rolled up our sleeves and pulled out the feather duster!

MadmoiZelle YouTube channel gets a makeover!
So far, we released videos a bit like that came, with some appointments, including the vlog put online every Friday on madmoiZelle and every Sunday on YouTube.
But things will change!
We set up a real YouTube Squad headed by our national Dorothée, head of the video division.

With the help of the precious Marion Seclin, several members of the editorial staff have thought about topics to ensure a daily appointment.
From now on, there will be every day a new video on our channel at 18h!
MadmoiZelle YouTube channel program
Here is our program schedule, take out your diaries!
Every Monday at 6 pm: a fashion video
Every Tuesday at 6 pm: a Sister Sister
Every Wednesday at 6pm: a video of Mymy (it's me!) About cooking, sex, relook stuff or TV series
Every Thursday at 18h: a beauty video
Every Friday at 18h: Charlie's LOL type video, like the Petitips
Every Saturday at 6 pm: Street Style or Street Tattoos
Every Sunday MORNING (to have a good day): VlogMad
In addition to that, you can find bonus videos from time to time, but it's already a good base, right?
Subscribe to madmoiZelle's YouTube channel!
To not miss anything and support the girls, still not necessarily recognized on YouTube (even if Les Internettes act to change it), subscribe to the madmoiZelle YouTube channel!

Do not hesitate to put a thumbs up and comment on the videos, we will answer you if you have questions and you may end up in our Best-Of Comments that comes out every Saturday on the site.
And if you want to participate in a Sister Sister, a Street Style or Street Tattoos, send an email to filmemoi [at] explaining your motivations!
I'll leave you, I'll write videos. See you soon on YouTube!

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