The live film River's Edge is revealed in images, 03 November 2017


          Announced recently, the live film adaptation of the manga Kyôko Okazaki is revealed a little more today, with a poster and some visuals. Note that the poster is inspired by the original Japanese cover of the manga. The adaptation of this social drama will be performed by Isao Yukisada, notably known for the films Parade and Closed Note. On the casting side, Fumi Nikaidô will play Haruna Wakagusa, and Ryô Yoshizawa will perform Ichirô Yamada. Okōkō Okazaki originally designed River's Edge in 1994 The one-shot was published in 2007 by Casterman, in his Sakka collection.Synopsis: Who said that adolescence was the most beautiful – and the most carefree – period of existence? The adage does not correspond in any case to the daily Haruna, Yamada and Kozue. They are still in high school, and already abused by life: Haruna imposes a violent boyfriend she does not like, Yamada, a young man attracted by boys, is regularly beaten, and Kozue is a bulimic beauty who is forced to vomit. But a curious event will unite the three teenagers. Yamada, discoverer of a corpse in a wasteland, decides to share his macabre find with Haruna. The desolate place then becomes the theater of loves, confidences and disillusions …



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