The Car's Parking Likely to Hit Jukir to Killed, SURABAYA – Rudi Nurmansyah a parking attendant was killed in a tragic way. He breathed his last breath as a jukir in Siwalankerto area on Friday night (3/11). At that time, Rudi was hit by a car in the area where he became a parking attendant. His body was clogged with cars and concrete pots in it. The story begins when the white Toyota Avanza is licensed N 926 YK parking lot in the area. Ni Made Titin Indriyanti, the name of the driver who hit, coffee with his friends. When he was drinking, he remembered something left in the car. He took it. Well, at that time, an apartment security reminded Titin to move the car that is considered to cover the shoulder of the road. Titin then go in and move his friend's car. When the parking lot, for some reason he was nervous. He wrongly stepped on the gas pedal, when it meant a brake.

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