Super Mario Odyssey So Mario Game with Fastest Sales

Mario as an iconic figure of Nintendo is definitely known among gamers. The newest game of the plumber, Super Mario Odyssey, made it into the fastest selling series.

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Who does not know the catchphrase character "It's a-me, Mario!" Is this? Mario with the color of his all-blue red costume is currently in the top of sales as the fastest-selling game for his own series. The recently released Super Mario Odyssey turned out to be in great demand from Switch gamers.
After Nintendo's failure to release Wii U, their latest console which is a combination of console and handheld successfully sold in the market. The large demand and low stock in various stores make Nintendo should increase production of Nintendo Switch to two million units per month, this is certainly an achievement that can not be underestimated.

Thank you to everyone for taking this amazing journey with us and making #SuperMarioOdyssey the fastest selling game in Super Mario history!
– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) November 2, 2017

Nintendo itself is even deeply convinced that Switch over the past year will exceed the total sales achieved by Wii U. To date, the Switch has sold nearly 8 million machines, compared to 13 million units totaled from the time the new Wii U was released until March 2017 ago.
Nintendo's achievements are not up there, Nintendo is currently proud to mention that Super Mario Odyssey, the latest game series of their franchise, has made this series the fastest-selling game in history. In just three days, two million Mario games have been sold worldwide.
In the United States, Nintendo of America mentions within five days the Odyssey has sold over 1.1 million copies, beating New Super Mario Bros. Wii as one of the fastest selling Mario games as well. This achievement is also noted in the fastest sales for Switch games. Elsewhere, Nintendo of Europe also mentions the same thing.

This sale is also a proof that Odyssey does have the quality as a game AAA held Nintendo. In MetaCritic alone, Super Mario Odyssey earned an average rating of 97 out of 100, with a perfect score of 43. "This makes the Odyssey the best-rated game in MetaCritic in three years, followed by Breath of The Wild," Nintendo called.
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