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In recent times geeks may have noticed a lot of slanted news coming from Hollywood industry actors. It was recently reported that one of the founders of Weinstein Company's Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually harassing her actresses, this time the news came from one of the actor Steven Seagel who allegedly sexually harassed the actress Julianna Margulies.
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Recently Juliana Margulies admitted it when she was invited on Just Jenny's talk show. In his confession he was still 23 years old and told to meet Steven Seagel in his apartment at 10 pm aims to read the script. Upon arrival at the Apartment, Juliana is only accompanied by Steven Seagel while wearing her silk kimono. But the encounter feels like a nightmare for the actress, he sees the gun held by Steven Seagel and soon Juliana is able to get out of the apartment without having a bad incident.

Then at the Talk Show ceremony Julianna Margulies compared the case to Harvey Weinstein's harassment case. A few years after the incident, the actor of the movie Ghost Ship also admitted that he had become a victim of Harvey Weinstein abuse, but he has learned from his bad experience with Steven Seagel. Juliana Margulies refused to go alone late at night to attend Harvey Weinstein's dinner at the time.

In addition to Steven Seagel and Harvey Weintesin, reportedly actor Kevin Spacey also experienced a similar suspicion that he came out of Netflix due to abuse cases that happened to him. Geeks, is it possible that these actresses just acknowledged these events after some Hollywood actors were accused of sexually abusing and loud discussed by the media? Give your opinion in the comment field below Geeks!
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