Stranger Things season 2: explanations and references

As we did for season 1 last year (and many other series like Westworld and Game Of Thrones), we propose you to discover our complete analysis of the season 2 of Stranger Things, the Netflix event series.CAUTION: This analysis provides many explanations for the mysteries of Stranger Things Season 2. If you have not seen it yet, you may discover some spoilers! we try to answer the many questions raised and address the different theories of fans and Redak. Not to mention, of course, the many references to the 80s and other geekeries cults.Before going into detail on the explanations, I wanted to briefly give my opinion on this new vintage: Personally, I find this season 2 slightly better that season 1, despite a lack of ambition! Attention, I do not say it has no flaws, but in my opinion, it is more rhythmic. Although I loved the season 1, I blamed him for a small halfway down, and a character Joyce (yet played by the brilliant Winona Ryder) a little annoying.In this season 2, I do not have no complaints about the rhythm. There is not really a time out, and if I've been less hooked on Eleven's out of Hawkins tour, you can not talk either about a failed or useless plot, far from it. Side characters, Joyce, even if it remains paranoid, does not really bother. The new characters are successful, including Maxine. Even Billy, who is quite useless to the plot, is very interesting, and his "moment" with Mrs. Wheeler is pure pleasure. We hope for a reunion for the season 3. Especially, I appreciated the fact that each character, especially at the level of kids, is important. Unlike season 1, Will, Dustin and Lucas are not behind, quite the contrary. The big downside could be the lack of evolution of the universe and the lack of complexity of the plot. As in the 80s, this "suite" has a taste of "bigger than bebore" (bigger than before). Basically, we take the same recipe and we add. The big tribute to Aliens is also very consistent with this choice.Bref, if, like many Netflix shows, it still lacks a certain smoothness Stranger Things, we can not deny its qualities of entertainment. 9 episodes really pleasant to watch, and we do not necessarily ask much more.Next page: Explanation of the mysteriesWordPress: I like loading …

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