SMILF, Frankie Shaw's series on a single mother

SMILF stands for Single Mother I'd Like To Fuck (Single Mother I'd like to fuck). A funny title not necessarily glorious!
This is a shame because it is a very nice project that presents in his pilot the charming Frankie Shaw. A young woman you may know because she gave the reply to Jake Gyllenhaal in the very powerful Stronger.
This time, she is on all fronts: script, performance, and comedy. A tour de force that would have been impossible not to mention!
SMILF, what is it about?

Bridgette Bird is a young woman a little overwhelmed by her responsibilities as a single mother, who always has an accomplice relationship with the father of her child.
Bordelique, she lives in a tiny studio in Boston, where she shares the only bed with her two-year-old son.

In addition to his family, Bridgette is also concerned about his sex life, completely absent since the birth of his child. A lack that sometimes pushes her to make immature decisions.
However, our refreshing heroine has the will to do well and can not be defeated by the precariousness of her situation.
SMILF presents a modern heroine

Like the main characters of Girls (created by Lena Dunham), the heroine of SMILF is really modern. The issues she encounters could be mine, those of my neighbor, my mother, or a friend.
Sex, love, jealousy, loses, relationships mother / son … as many themes that often approaches Frankie with tenderness, and sometimes a little awkwardness.
SMILF, a refreshing series

Far from the Bree Van Kamp and other Charlotte York, Bridgette is far from (falsely) perfect. Never capped, always overwhelmed, she is not interested in the cutting of rhododendrons or catechism.
Instead, she masturbates in front of the photos of the new girlfriend of his ex, uses a sextoy next to his son who sleeps, orgies cream cakes, and especially worries about the condition of her vagina after delivery.
She flies in her fingers too, and swears.
Imperfect, Bridgette is as much as the series of which she is the heroine. What makes the final product rather touching and especially refreshing.
SMILF, a half-hearted series

Despite the qualities mentioned above, this first episode of SMILF is perfectible. If the argument is light and modern, some issues are, in my opinion, approached with too much superficiality.
I was a bit stuck on my hunger. In addition, the rhythm primesautier leaves little time to develop empathy towards the characters! It is kind of a shame.
And then, foutage of total jaws, I denounce: the heroine masturbates with a vibrator before sinking into sleep. She wakes up the next morning and … the object is still running.
Hellooooo? Mine unloads in about 12 minutes 24 seconds! I want to cry scandal in the face of this shameless lie.
But I'm only talking about the SMILF pilot, who has room to improve over time. The series started this Sunday, November 5 on SHOWTIME, and worth a look!
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