Riders' Story Do not Want to Be Dirazia, Nearly Hit The Poles

People's Monitor of West Kalimantan (Jawa Pos Group), many riders who do desperate. In fact, there are riders who almost hit the officer. "It was almost a police officer hit by a motorcycle rider," said Aris, a Penanjung resident, Mungguk Village encountered in the vicinity of the raid.

Information in the field mentioned, the incident started from the anticipation of officers to control the run with maximum. Two members of Satlantas Polres Sekadau, one of which Brigadier Chandra conducted a sweep to capture the riders who stopped and turned a lot before passing through the raid areas.

At the same time, duck motorcycle passes from the direction of the Penanjung Bridge to Mapolres Sekadau. The driver who allegedly did not bring the complete letter of the vehicle, immediately stopped suddenly about a hundred meters from the location of the raid.
The bike rider immediately turned back. In fact almost ran into another rider from the opposite direction. Worried about things that are not desired, Brigadier Chandra then tried to ask the rider to stop.
"Not according to, the rider was even speeding and almost hit me." He immediately fled, "said Brigadier Chandra told the people of West Kalimantan at the scene.
Ulah rider, of course could endanger himself and other riders. Because when turning suddenly, can trigger an accident.
In addition to turning directions, many riders who choose to go into the streets or alleys. There is also a choice to stop at coffee shops and restaurants for reasons of rest or lunch.
Suddenly Polres Sekadau, Iptu Tri Teguh Mulyono appealed to the riders to complete the correspondence vehicle. If it is not complete, it's better to just let go, do not run away. Because it can endanger yourself and others. "This operation will be done simultaneously until 14 November," said Teguh.
He asserted, until entering the fourth day of the implementation of this operation, at least already more than 400 violators are ticketed. "The majority is a two wheel drive user, about 70 percent is," Teguh detailed.

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