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What an adventure! What a wait! This Batman The Dark Prince Charming knew how to wait. We had a few pages over time. Information was able to filter, but this work remained mysterious. It was the event, and it is still the case, Enrico Marini delivers his personal work on Batman, in an unexpected format. It is therefore time to immerse yourself in this new story and give us our opinion. A beautiful edition First of all, you should know that Enrico Marini is a complete actor in the world of Franco-Belgian comics. He accumulates several caps such as author, artist, colorist. Yes. And he is also prolific in offering other works of great success. So it was a surprise to find him working on Batman, and to find Batman in Franco-Belgian comic strip format. So to get to know the author, his work, or a little reminder about DC Comics, the publisher Dargaud delivers with the collector's edition a small booklet that contains sketches, drawings, and interviews with Enrico Marini, history to make a small preview before reading. The volume itself is beautiful. I must admit that being a novice, I did not know the work of Enrico Marini before announcements about the arrival of this project. I read some comics, of which I am a fan, but not in his style. And from the first boards revealed, I saw that it was going to be beautiful. And finally ? It's a high-flying job. The distribution of the boxes makes it possible to focus on the most important moments while giving the impression of having a very lively story under the eyes. As if the characters took life as and when reading. Of course, Enrico Marini has been able to appropriate the characters and their designs, but his Batman seems so real, and his Joker is really beautiful. Harley Quinn, also present, is entitled to a new design, clown and dared but without vulgarity that I like. In fact, everything is anchored in a Gotham that is very realistic. As a result, the characters are well integrated into this vision of things and I like it a lot. The tones used for the color also make it possible to make a difference between the parts of the story that are confronted, having the history of Bruce / Batman on one side and the Joker on the other. You'll understand, visually, it's beautiful. A real story and strong at the same time One of the important points raised by Enrico Marini is that there is no super power. Here, we stay in sober Batman, effective, which is not lost with metahumans. And then, you know what? It feels good. Batman does not need to release new gadgets on every page, it's a Batman I like. So, for the story to be strong, the author attacks the pyschological rather than the muscle side. Even so, do not be fooled, we have the right to chase and trade muscle. But there is a fair dose. Not too much, not too little either. It's very pleasant. The characters give off a do not know what endearing. Especially the Joker and Batman. It's like finding old friends long forgotten. They are simple, yet they keep everything we love at home. The fluid writing also allows us not to lose the thread and follow the adventure with pleasure. It is here a psychological confrontation that takes over the hunt between the two characters although it is the bottom of the history. Now, the true bottom of the history, what will the Joker do to bait Batman and to make him come to him is a classic shot even if very nice. And if some people find it too simple, he knew how to touch my mother's heart. Yes, a girl is put in the middle of the equation without asking anything and suddenly, I have a great empathy that is added to the middle of the story. So, besides being well written, well illustrated, this story has clearly stung my little heart and I very much want to have the following soon to be able to release the little stress that lies dormant in the middle of my maternal instincts. tome is clearly a success and I look forward to next summer to have more, although it seems far enough. Enrico Marini signs here a very good job, a great job even. Everything remains simple, effective, it plunges with pleasure in his Gotham, in his clash between the Joker and Batman. All in a realistic world that strikes a little more than some versions much more heroic and fantastic already crossed. The work is honest, personal, and I thoroughly enjoyed this reading which I highly recommend. What you think … CONNECT TO GIVE YOUR OPINION! Sort by: Most RecentMain ScoreMost UsefulPrevious ScoreBe the first to give your opinion. {{{review.rating_title}}} See more

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