Ready, Comic Frontier 10 Will Be Held In March 2018!



After the success of Comic Frontier 9 in September, Comic Frontier 10 is ready to be held in March 2018!
After the success of Comic Frontier 9 which was held on 2 & 3 September 2017 yesterday, now the event that connect the independent creator with the fans will be held back in Comic Frontier X title aka Comic Frontier 10.
This announcement appears on the official Comic Frontier Facebook page. In the post Comic Frontier confirmed that the event will be held in March 2018 with the caption "Comic Frontier X Next Year We March" and an image showing the name of the event and the month of the event is held.

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No word yet on the exact date and exact location of this Comic Frontier 10. What is clear is that the independent creators have started to prepare again what they want to show and sell in the event title which is often abbreviated as Comifuro this.
Comic Frontier is an event that gathers independent creators or often called doujin circle with the fans of a particular work. The event is often called Comiket Indonesia version is certainly always anticipated by many anime and manga lovers who come from all over Indonesia who want to buy a masterpiece from his favorite artist or just meet directly with a distant friend who came back to the event the largest doujinshi of Indonesia .

The last event of this event which was named Comic Frontier 9 or Comifuro 9 was held on 2 & 3 September 2017 at Balai Kartini Jakarta. This event managed to attract more than 10 thousand visitors for two days and became one of the biggest Jejepangan event in Indonesia. The event is also attended by hundreds of doujinshi circle and bringing various famous cosplayer such as Ying, Nemesia, and Aliga with cheap ticket price that is Rp 25 thousand.
Comic Frontier 9 is also colored with excitement when Naruto action alias Naruto Run takes place in two days of Comifuro and become one of the attractions that make visitors excited and skyrocketing Comic Frontier name aka Comifuro became one of the most "hot" culture pop event for the year this.
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