Price of Rice in Cipinang Parent Market Down Stable, Controlled

Illustration of rice. Photo: Radar Semarang / JPNN, JAKARTA – Entering early November 2017, the condition of Medium rice price in Cipinang Rice Market (PIBC) Jakarta decreased stable and under control. In October the price had touched Rp. 9100, is now in the range of Rp 8,050 – Rp 8,100 (HET) of rice coming in Cipinang Rice Market, according to data obtained from Cipinang Rice Market Holders on November 1, 2017, 2,763 tons and 2 November 2017 of 2,515 tons. And the existence of this data when confirmed to one of rice traders Cipinang, Nellis Sukidi, admitted that the rice circulating every day is in the range of 2000s tons. "It means that rice entering Cipinang is still in stable category," said Nellis. The existence of this price is recognized by rice traders in Cipinang, Dewa Hidayat from PT Dewa Tunggal. God said that the price of rice is still stable and under control. The price of medium rice is in the range of Rp 7,800 to Rp 7,900. Even if sold to the public can still Rp 8,050 to Rp 8,100. "It means not exceeding the price set by the government," said Dewa Masih according to Dewa, for the existence of rice supply, yesterday afternoon yesterday has been reported to the Minister of Trade. "The rice traders of Cipinang met with the Minister of Trade," Dewa said.

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