Poster Sihotang, The King of Batak Flute Close Age


TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, MEDAN – Batak musician, Sihotang poster, who is well known for his album The Deadly Flute, passed away on Thursday (2/11/2017).

The departure of the Batak Flute King was informed hundreds of netizens on facebook.
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From this info known mending had treated dI Tugu Hospital Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.
Willy Revelation Sihotang:
It has passed away to the Father's home in heaven ,, Our brothers, our beloved brothers, one of the great composers of Batak songs., The King of Flutes .. Abang POSTER SIHOTANG ,,,,
Your departure is so stifling our hearts, every time suddenly ,,, we still often meet in the North Jakarta Sihotang Arisan and Sihotang events SEJABODETABEK ,, healthy and fit .. it does not believe in your departure ….
But God is more entitled .. He wants our Brother Sihotang Poster back to His bosom .. we can only wail brother .. every time we must blow it .. expected siblings and every anak2 dirmg strong and patient to accept this fact …
 Poster Sihotang () Happy way my brother .. bless You on the side of the Father the Creator ..

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