Perfect World Close Studio Developer Torchlight

The end of 2017 looks to be the bleak months, Visceral Games closed by EA, and now Perfect World bandwagon closed the studio developer Torchlight.

Remember the EA atrocities? The big publisher who has released many games to this day has closed many studio developers, such as Black Box, Maxis and Visceral. The trend to close the studio appears to be followed by Perfect World, which recently closed Torchlight studio developers as well as one other studio.
Perfect World, the big publisher of this bamboo curtain country has been rumored to have reduced the number of staff to Motiga's studio. Motiga's own studio name is not so sound, the article Perfect World bought this company in May 2017, and the studio released the game MOBA titled Gigantic two months later.
Perfect World itself states development for Gigantic will still continue until this November. Reduced Motiga staff does not affect the performance of this game. In fact, the Perfect World mentions that this game will remain in their platform as an important asset for Perfect World.

"In short, Gigantic does not get enough revenue. This reduction is the company's decision on a financial basis. And unfortunately, it's not just Motiga who is affected by this decision, "called Motiga CEO Chris Chung.
And sure enough, Motiga is not the only studio affected. Other studios that have developed some games under the auspices of Perfect World must also be closed.
Runic Studio, a developer studio known as Torchlight and Torchlight 2 as an ARPG game they finally had to stop developing games after their last game entitled Hob for PC and PS4.
The head of the Runic studio, Marsh Lefler issued their statement through Runic's official website. The statement said, "We apologize that today is the last day instead of the Runic studio. Right now our focus is on helping this big family to find a new 'home'. "

"For you who love the Torchlight series, we have some information later on. And for our fans, community and multiplayer services will still run even if our studio is closed, "Lefler added.
The decision taken by Perfect World according to them is a strategy to focus the company on online game services.
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