Out of the Comfort Zone, Open Your Own Business, Already Export

jpnn.com – Muhamad Lugina out of the comfort zone as an employee of one of the SOEs, now chooses to run his own business. Trade a wide range of knitted works dilakoninya. NATHEA CITRA SURI, Mataram As usual, yesterday (5/11) thousands of residents spilled in Jalan Udayana, Mataram, NTB, enjoy day without vehicle aka car free day (CFD). Residents blend into one. Some are cycling, walking, relaxing with family, or enjoying culinary. In that place hundreds of street vendors (street vendors) menjijkan wares. They opened a stall on the right and left side of Jalan Udayana, starting from the front of Immigration to the end of Udayana Park. One of them is Mohammed Liguna. He is not a regular street vendor. Liguna is owner of Dedara Krocet Handmade, a shop that sells handicrafts. "Let's please Mbak," Liguna said welcoming Lombok Post (Jawa Pos Group). The tall man seemed friendly serving mothers to adult men, who were busy asking questions about his creations.

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