Nostalgia Review The Godfather: The Mafioso Masterpiece

        Still remember the best mafia movie this one? This time the author will review one of the best masterpieces of all time: The Godfather.

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The Godfather may be forgotten in the midst of the crazy world of film that is currently dominated horror genre and superhero. But loyal fans of this film certainly can not forget the acting of Marlon Blando and other veteran actors such as Al Pacino is announced will return to starring in The Irishman movie which will be aired in 2018.
After reviewing the Devil Devils and the old version of Blade Runner, this time opportunity to review one of the mafia films released in 1972 ago. According to the author, the film is worth reviewing again because until now, one of these masterpieces is still ranked the best film after The Shawshank Redemption (1994) on IMDb movie critic site.
Even the sequel to the film is also still faithful to occupy the third rank. So, why this film is able to snatch the two best ratings at once? If you want to know the answer, check out the reviews below.

The Godfather tells the story of the strongest mafia family story in New York led by a man of Italian descent named Vito Corleone who is often called Don Corleone. Under his rule, the Corleone group became the "king" behind the shadow of New York. Almost all other mafia families and the police instantly trembled upon hearing his name.
But behind his notorious reputation, Don Corleone is a compassionate figure for his family. He himself said that people can not spend my time with family will not be a real person.
In addition, Don Corleone is also known as a helpful person and willing to do anything for anyone with one simple requirement: friendship. As a Sicilian, Don Corleone will open his home to anyone in need even when celebrating a special occasion.
His life was more complete when his youngest daughter Connie was married. Who would have thought, the Corleone family had to return to the storm after the wedding. Can Vito Corleone keep his family and business?
Different Grounds But Complement Each Other

The Godfather storyline itself not only focuses on Don Corleone's daily life in overcoming any problems that come to his business. Other characters such as Santino "Sonny" Corleone and Michael Corleno also got their own spotlight when faced with each other's problems.
Although the story is split into pieces, the author has never experienced a "confused focus" syndrome when watching the movie. Unlike the Pirates of the Carribean who had earlier writers because of its direct splitting path like amoeba, The Godfather successfully connects the main story line with the sub-plot from start to finish.
The three-hour duration that normally keeps the audience sleeping in the middle of the story does not affect the author to just skip one or two trivial scenes. Because it could be hint that is hidden just in the scene.
One of them is orange. The fruit of this one serve as a bad omen in this film. If you watch a number of scenes involving oranges, it is certain that bad things will soon happen to one of the characters.
All events that occur randomly one by one connected through the explanations and actions of the characters. Thanks to that, a special thing called the plot twist successfully surprised the author. A little leak, one of the seemingly unrelated figures is at the root of all the chaos in this family!
The Use of a Suitable Song Soundtrack and Mafia Banget!
When asked how music is used for the soundtrack of the movie? The author can say that the people who play behind the arrangement of music really people who understand the mafia culture that is dominated by Italian flavor.
The use of typical music of the 40s and also classical music typical of Italy successfully support the story and every scene that acted by the characters who are mostly bloody Italian-American. The music that catchy abis managed to keep the author awake and at the same time drifting in the story that was delivered.
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