Nintendo posts record sales in France

Own words from the mouth of Nintendo France CEO Philippe Lavoué, we can easily understand that the Super NES Classic Mini is a story that rolls in France. He said, "This is an incredible phenomenon. We sell 95% of the stocks we put on the shelves. It is a product of the past that is experiencing stratospheric sales. And we have not entered the Christmas season yet … "
the Super NES Classic Mini has stratospheric sales in France
The numbers never lie and in the case of the Super NES Classic Mini, 160,000 copies were sold in one month! We understand why, at Nintendo, it's the party … Especially since this concept of taking back the old consoles to bring them up to date in a mini format, is a genius idea on the commercial and for each model , history repeats itself … Small prices, small format, nostalgia and old games, seem to be a winning recipe for Nintendo.
Indeed, after the success of the NES Classic Mini, so it is the turn of the Super NES Classic Mini to see its copies go like hotcakes. The mythical console of the 90s has sold 160,000 copies in a single month, proof that retrogaming is now a separate market in our country.
This year, Nintendo did not repeat the mistake of 2016, because at the time the Japanese group had not anticipated the success of its retro console and had seen too much in terms of volume. This year, the brand took the lead and produced a large number of consoles, in order to satisfy everyone. A decision that fans of retro consoles and that shareholders can greet.
France is also not an isolated case, since if we take the results of Nintendo in the United States, the SNES Classic Mini has sold in greater numbers than the PS4 and the Switch during the month of September 2017 … Boring, since the Switch is already a very big commercial success! Nintendo seems to be buoyed by a favorable wind lately and the holiday season has not even started yet.

Photo Credits: Nintendo France

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