Netflix Intends "Bakar Uang" Rp 83 Trillion in Year 2018

Netflix will spend US $ 8 billion (around Rp 83 trillion) in 2018 to create many exclusive original series and anime.
The term fuel money in a technology company usually appears when the company gets investments or is making a big profit. This happens in one of the world's largest video-on-demand streaming company, Netflix.

The company, which was founded in August 1997, has a huge profit thanks to its original series such as Stranger Things, House of Cards, Hibana, Orange Is the New Black and Luke Cage.
In order to reap bigger profits Netfilx plans to spend US $ 8 billion to create and develop an exclusive original series on Netflix in 2018.
The company itself has made a profit of US $ 1 billion (approximately Rp.13 trillion) in just three months and managed to add five million subscribers in that period.

Through a video call with analysts, Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos explained that the US $ 8 billion money will be used to produce 30 new anime series and 80 new movies and all are scheduled to be launched in 2018.
With such a statement, it can be proved that exclusive anime and movie excerpts on Netflix are well received and investments to produce new anime and movies are appropriate.

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By adding new anime and movie catalogs, Netflix seems to want to earn an Oscar nomination through its films like the Amazon Studios movie entitled Manchester by the Sea that brought six nominations and brought home two trophies in the Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor category brought home by Casey Affleck.

Netflix is ​​being incessantly made anime original that can only be watched on the site. In September 2017 they collaborated with frontman Vampire Weekend and Jaden Smith to create anime Neo Yokio assisted by Production I.G.
Netflix has also distributed several popular anime titles such as Ajin and Sidonia no Kishi that received positive feedback from anime fans and lay audiences in the west.
They also collaborated with Polygon Pictures and produced a film adapted from the popular manga titled Blame! And has released a live action Death Note in August 2017 yesterday.
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