N.E.R.D and Rihanna, Romeo Elvis, Gorillaz, etc.

Hi marmots!
Time has come for the new musicals of the week that bouncer my heart rocker. I'm damn happy because there's been a lot of fun stuff these past few days.
I let you marvel at the songs I picked this week – yes, I lost all sense of the half measure.
Friday musicals
That releases of very small artists very little recognized on this Friday, is not it?
The voice tug of Asaf Avidan on eleven new titles, it's damn good fun. An album with folk and country roots, as he knows so well, that will surely vibrate your chord.
They, their name may not tell you anything, but it should not last. They are signed on Nowadays Records, a label run by two guys from The Fine Team, who also produces Fakear.
I advise you to go listen to their album with an attentive ear and we speak again.

Romeo Elvis – Naughty

Romeo Elvis reveals Méchant, taken from the OO of Killers, a film that will be released on December 6th. This week, he also shared the video of Sabena, from the album Morale 2.
The Straussphere only extends its power day by day!
N.E.R.D x Rihanna – Lemon
YES, YES and RE-YES. Pharrell and his friends from N.E.R.D teased their comeback (in the bins). And boom, a new music video with Bad Girl Riri. Personally, I am satisfied!

Brigitte – The baby doll of my idol

Nues, the new album Brigitte, is scheduled for November 17. The baby doll of my idol is drawn and I can tell you for having pre-listened to the album that this record is going to be very good.
Gorillaz x Little Simz – Garage Palace
As for N.E.R.D above, my heart did a good one when I saw that Gorillaz and Little Simz had been working together on a piece.
The visuals are crazy, as usual with Gorillaz. And I bow down to Little Simz who is one of my favorite rappers.

Young Father – LORD
The Scottish Young Father has finished their new record. To celebrate, here is the title LORD. As they say in the visual of the video below, "you can not dance on it". But not bad, it's beautiful.

Jake Shears – Creep City

Did you know Scissor Sisters? But if, you know, those who sang I Do not Feel Like Dancin 'with a totally psycho music video. Well, Jake Shears is one of the singers of this great band.
Creep City would announce a coming solo album soon, but I have no more details for now. To be continued !
The Mai Lan Bails # 1 – Blaze Up
Mai Lan was to leave Autopilote at the end of 2017, but finally it will be only early 2018.
Meanwhile, she unveiled a new series of videos (I'm a little Sherlock, as there is marked # 1 in the title of the video, I guess there will be others). This time, you can discover an excerpt from the title Blaze Up!

Tom Misch – Movie
One of my favorite people in the world – I know, I have a lot – it's Tom Misch. This Londoner has a talent so bad that I do not understand why he is not yet a world famous star.

Krisy – Melodie

Bim badaboum! Finally, still Belgian rap. After Romeo Elvis, here is Krisy and his title Melody. Interesting bias not to put a chorus on this piece.
I want to spend the weekend exactly where they shot the second part of the clip, it seems to be a place that looks like Louisiana, Italy.
And now for the new music that made me vibrate this week!
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