Miss France 2018, the test of general culture: discover the questionnaire!

                    Wednesday, November 23, 2017 was an important day for the contenders for Miss France 2018! While the 30 young women currently traveling in California had hitherto enchanted dream activities in an exceptional setting, the latter – who have not forgotten to cram! – had to comply with the traditional general culture test!

Indeed, if it is important to have an advantageous plastic and a certain charisma to become Miss France, the committee – and Sylvie Tellier in particular – also ensures that other more intellectual qualities are also taken into account to become a good ambassador of French charm.
To do this, the Miss had this year respond to questionnaire sweeping themes as diverse as sport, music, English or politics. Small novelty, finished the test 100% MCQ, open questions were also developed to renew the genre.
"What is the name of the French Prime Minister?", "What is the unemployment rate of the working population in France?", "In which country will take place the next World Cup football in 2018?", "How many legs do spiders have? ", so many questions that allowed the Miss to show the extent of their knowledge.
If this test of general culture has nothing eliminatory, its result is obviously taken into account to define the 12 candidates who will pass without a hitch the first stage of the election on December 16th in Châteauroux. Warning !
Discover below the test of general culture of Miss France 2018:

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