Marc Marquez does not want to finish 11th in Valencia MotoGP, VALENCIA – Petahana MotoGP, Marc Marquez is likely to play safe in MotoGP Valencia on Sunday (12/11) world title. In MotoGP Malaysia last week, Baby Alien, Marquez nickname, has done the best for him. He did not force himself to win the race at Sepang. Repsol Honda rider was choosing a conservative style. Marquez finished fourth in Malaysia. Actually he could lock his fourth world title in Sepang if only could finish runner up. But in the wet track Marquez is more concerned about the title than the good results. He decided to play long term. Stalling the battle for the title of the world champion up in the last series. The decision has a smaller risk. Because if he forced a runner-up finish in Malaysia, but had an accident and failed to finish, the advantage points would be significantly depressed. From 33 to 8 points. Because in Sepang, closest rival Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) won and earned 25 points perfect. Conservative measures will facilitate his mission in Valencia later. Marquez only needs to finish in eleven to defend his MotoGP title last year. While on the other side, there is no choice but to win in Valencia. A very heavy mission for Andrea Dovizioso and Ducati. For Marquez, if the bike is not a problem and the accident incident does not happen, finishing in position eleven is too easy. Just so you know, throughout the 2017 season the worst finish Marquez is in sixth position in the Italian GP. In addition the fourth finish in Qatar and Malaysia, are two "bad" results outside the podium. Although, Marquez also retired three times this season. That is, as bad as the Marquez race will not be difficult to finish Top 10. '' I do not like being caught between riders in the middle group. I am trying to find a good feeling, although the Ducati rider is very fast (in Malaysia). So I decided not to take too much risk, race calmly, and try to get the best points, '' he said. It feels in Valencia later, Ducati must exert all its potential to trap Marquez in the middle of the group in the middle row. Press it to make a mistake. Because only with retire opportunities Dovi champion is very big. Marquez himself made sure not to loose in the last series against Ducati. '' I will not race to finish 11th, '' he said. (cak)

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