Mango and H & M agree that this is the tailor you need

Updated 02/11/2017 12:40
 Corduroy, in ocher color and oversize. That seems to be the perfect tailor of the season or at least the one proposed by two of our favorite firms, H & M and Mango. With what to stay?

A priori the difference between both models is minimal. At sight est. In the image, on the left, the influencer Diletta Bonaiuti poses with the famous Mango suit, combined with a simple white shirt. On the right, Jeanette Friis Madsen, fashion editor, is the one who has chosen the tailor that H & M proposes.
It is not strange that the lowcost firms coincide in their proposals but, in this case, the similarity of the garments is such that it has left us speechless. The reception, in addition, of both tailors is such that there are many influencers who have already chosen one and another model for this autumn.
The tailor who proposes H & M. The tailor that Mango proposes. The truth is that when seen as such, one next to the other, it is difficult to choose between one model and another. Both have exactly the same tone, the wide leg pants and oversized blazer. The only visible difference? The price. H & M costs 119.98 euros and Mango costs 149.99 euros. What's your stay?

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