Logitech works on a keyboard dedicated to virtual reality

It is through Vincent Tucker, Logitech's Director of Strategy and Innovation, that the company expressed itself on Vive's blog, proposing a development kit called BRIDGE that will be distributed to 50 developers. at first, but all developers will be able to apply for this kit by visiting this link. The brand has indeed designed a partnership with HTC, for a gaming keyboard dedicated to virtual reality.
Logitech Unveils Bridge SDK for Vive Tracker and Logitech G Keyboard
Vincent Tucker explained, "During our virtual reality research, we were struck by the fact that using the keyboard and text input was necessary, but not natural – and we heard similar complaints from other people. ".
The keyboard used in virtual reality developed by Logitech is actually a software solution, offering the ability to exploit both the Vive Tracker HTC and Logitech G gaming keyboards. The idea is that the physical keyboard becomes exploitable in virtual reality, as we can see on the video at the end of the article. Developers will need to focus on solving the problem of entering text into virtual reality.
To better understand the device, the HTC Vive Tracker is located on the Logitech G keyboard, since it is precisely the role of this accessory that can be adapted to any object or part of the body so that it is found in virtual reality through Lighthouse stations. Until now, developers used the Vive Tracker to integrate weapons into games or to add kick-type functions by attaching them to shoes.
Logitech wants to use a very precise keyboard so that it can be virtualized very precisely and that the keys of one are at the same level as those of the physical keyboard, in order to have the same ease as when one does not have a helmet on the eyes, preventing visualization of the keys.
Logitech Keyboard Video for Virtual Reality

Photo Credits: HTC Vive Blog

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