Kingsman's Critique: The Golden Circle

In line with the first installmentThe new installment of the Kingsman saga once again directed by Matthew Vaughn (also screenwriter and producer) has been on the big screens for two weeks now. It is therefore time to make a criticism, a little late by cons, on the rest of the first movie acclaimed by critics. Does this new episode of this franchise continue what Kingsman: Secret Services had managed to do? Unfortunately no, but that does not make it a bad movie either.SynopsisAs a result of the murder of all members of the Kingsman organization. Merlin and Eggsy, the only two survivors, will have to collaborate with the Statesman to be able to find Poppy Adams, leader of the most powerful cartel in the world. A scenario even more predictable than before The scenario is the big weak point of the feature film, whereas the first opus surprised us, the second produced the opposite. All the actions of the characters and their outcomes are predictable, spoiling everything the first movie had managed to do. For example, the return of "Galahad" interpreted by Colin Firth, no worries not spoil here it is shown in the trailers (except if you have not seen them, then sorry). The first film was able to surprise us with his death, so it's a shame to see him reappear in the second installment. However, I can not go into the details of the script for fear of revealing certain central elements of the feature film. The motivations and emotions of the main characters are unrealistic coming back into caricature rather than realism. In this second opus, the absurd takes over even more than the first one, it's a shame we are coming out of the immersion produced visually by the film. Only element following the momentum of the first is the comical side, specific to Kinsgman, which still works as well (to see in VO, their accent helps enormously). A realization always so impeccable The realization is the strong point of the film, whereas the scene of the now cult church was the highlight of the first film. Here, the final battle of the film is memorable, although it can cause some spectators to be dizzy. And that's where achievement can become problematic for some people in the audience. Its side a little too glitzy can embarrass or even nausea especially on the big screen, the chairlift scene for example.The soundtrack remains the same, and it feels good! I love this soundtrack, it's very close to a James Bond spy, it is memorable. Well this is still very subjective, but objectively the soundtrack of the film is excellent and helps the immersion (although the scenario takes us out of this immersion). Finally, let's talk about the actors who are in the continuity of the first, good nothing more. The addition of headliners (Julianne Moore, Channing Tattum, Jeff Bridges for example) adds to the cleanliness of the cast, although the commercial side is obvious. To quickly speak of the character of Julianne Moore, she is missed, its absurd side works at first but becomes boring afterwards. No Machiavellian side that can make us squeak, more his diabolical plan is poorly implemented and still remains insane. The caricature of the president is useless while the political message of the film is too obvious. In conclusion You can say that the film is more a comedy than a spy movie. Everything is still a good entertainment but nothing more, I also think that at least 15 minutes of the film could have been cut. I'm still curious to know where will the franchise, it promises for the future because the potential is there, it will just do better than this second part.Il still a good movie to see a Sunday evening.WordPress: I like loading …

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