Ketum PAN Commands New Axis Form of East Java Pilgub, SURABAYA – DPW PAN Jatim claimed to have received instructions from the Chairman of Zulkifli Hasan to create a new axis of the coalition, outside which carries Saifullah Yusuf and Khofifah Indar Parawansa. Secretary of DPW PAN Jatim Basuki Babussalam said, Zulkifli Hasan has instructed the board of DPW PAN Jatim to prepare alternative steps in East Java Pilgub 2018. One of them is preparing a new axis in the coalition. "I think Ketum has given direction especially about the new axis in the middle of the dynamics of politics that developed during this time," said Basuki when found in Parliament Building East Java, Monday (6/10). Admittedly, until now it has been communicating with some political parties related to the possibility of a new axis. Among these are Gerindra Party and PKS. Together with these two parties, members of East Java DPRD is optimistic the realization of a new axis. "The principle ketum menyilahkan build communication but before becoming a decision must communicate upward (DPP PAN, Red) first," he said. However, it does not mean DPW PAN Jatim closed the door of his cadre to be held Khofifah. "If Mrs Khofifah had an unsatisfactory decision for the cadres and the party, we were ready to make other communications," he said. Apart from that, Basuki is optimistic that his party can take the right position. Thus, the candidate who diusungnya can win Pilgub Java.

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