'Keep Going', The Proof of Existence And Powerslaves Affirmation

In the near future, rock n 'roll band of the country, Power Slaves will launch a new single titled Continue Stepping. This is the second single prepared for the seventh album of Powerslaves which will be released late November 2017 through their own record label, Train Rock N 'Roll (KRNR). Previously, they've released the single Already Not First, exactly a year ago. The Striking Difference between Keeping Going and Already Do not lie in the elements of music dripping all over his composition. Nevertheless, Heydi Ibrahim (vocals), Anwar Fatahillah (bass), Wiwiex Soedarno (kibord), Agung Yudha (drums) and Andry Muhammad (guitar) retain their identity as rock bands that formed and grew in the era of classic rock. " We can not escape from our identity as a rock n 'roll band We just added modern music colors to the sound of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards in this song I myself am listening to bands now like Amaranthe for example, but not means I want to follow the bands .. After all, in the middle of this song I still selipin blues color, "said Wiwiex.
Powerslaves releases new single 'Keep Up' Personal Documentation © So far, every Powerslaves personnel tries to add new ideas and references that they absorb for more than two decades into a musical career. No origin menceploskan, but still filtered in order to get the best results. "The musicality, this time we feel more mature in pouring musical ideas," continued Agung. This song was once titled Dan Kau, but then changed to Keep Walking with consideration to be more catchy and easy to remember because the message has a very special charge , ie about the call to do good. Although Wiwiex thinks the use of the title Dan Kau is more unique because it is not unusual, but bassist and band leader Anwar have different views. "I think people will catch the title Keep Moving, though And You are also good and can make people curious about the lyrical theme in question But with the selection of Keep Stepping as the title makes it easier for people to understand the lyrics of this song and certainly the positive value contained in it, "said Anwar. Powerslaves hopes the new singles can treat the longing of their fanatical fans 'Slavers Indonesia' (as Powerslaves fans). Yes, this single seems to be a prove the existence of the band that formed in 1991 this.
Power Slaves still cling to their genre © Personal DocumentationSlavers Indonesia itself in October 2017 is celebrating its 7th anniversary. In particular, vocalist Heydi Ibrahim as the initiator and dedengkot of the band fan community inhabit this Slavers hope Indonesia is getting more solid and more frequent meetings to keep the rope brotherhood. "Do not busy looking for money alone in Jakarta and other cities, but just once a month a minimum of friendship to cultivate fraternity like other communities, which is not lazy ketemuan.If once a month is still the reason to find this money and that, better break up aja Slavers Indonesia, "tegasnya.Along the 26 years of his career, Powerslaves has released about 7 albums. In sequence, METAL SMALL (1995), METAL CARTOON (1996), ROCK N ROLL (1998), POWERSLAVES (2002), GA 'BAKAL OFF (2004), DO NOT KNOW (EP, 2010), 100% ROCK N ROLL (2012), and the last ROCK KEBANGSAAN (EP, 2013).
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