Katy Perry Reported Central Live Shooting His New Music Video

WITNESS managed to answer the anxiety of the fans and music lovers who are waiting for the full release of Katy Perry. Released on June 9th, it did not take long for Katy Perry to immediately steal the music industry's attention alongside her new line of material.
But in fact Katy Perry buzz in this year not only to release a full album only. The reason is as reported from MTV, recently a rumor circulating that says that Swish Swish hit maker was preparing to give another surprise.
Rumor has it that Katy Perry is currently filming for her latest music video © AFP
Some luxurious and magnificent images of the filming process were recently circulated online. Not only that, the fans also believe that the pictures are rumored as part of Katy Perry's latest music video shoot that will soon be released.
In the picture looks Katy Perry wearing Marie Antoinette-style costumes that clearly look glamorous and charming. As for the location of the filming, the fans themselves believe that Katy Perry wearing a magnificent mansion hired for the making of his latest music video.
© twitter.com/PopCrave
"She (Katy Perry) is filming a video, the place is very expensive, about US $ 500,000 per month (about 6.7 billion rupiah)," said a source on the process of filming Katy Perry's new video. But until now not yet certain which track will be represented by audio-visual by Katy Perry.
Also Katy Perry has not given any teaser details about the release of his latest music video looks luxurious and charming. Even so, it's not wrong if we hope music video is released as a year-end gift from Katy Perry in late November or even December. Agree?
Are You Sure To Know This? (Mtv / ntn)

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