Kahiyang Ayu in the Eyes of Teachers (2)

jpnn.com, SOLO – Princess of President Joko Widodo, Kahiyang Ayu graduated elementary school in 2002. Ayang, her vocation, went on to SMPN 1 Surakarta. Koeshaedi Prabowo, 43, an English teacher when Ayang is in the eighth grade of junior high school confirms that both Jokowi and Iriana's couple are friendly and cheap smile. "This Kahiyang sumeh. Because his son sumeh, he was smiling even if given the question when the clock lesson must be mellow first, "kelakarnya. Teacher of Javanese Ayang, Rochwati added, what he remembered most about Ayang is his habit of inviting his friends to break the fast together at the home of the mayor of Loji Gandrung. "The special is for his prayer that imami Pak Jokowi himself. Hopefully Kahiyang could be a happy family born in the hereafter world. It remains the old Kahiyang. A friendly and cheap smile, "he explained. His name is teenager, Ayang can also be upset. While on the ninth grade of junior high, he cried in the classroom. "I see how he is not as usual. I approached him, I was immediately memek (crying), "explained guardian class nine Kahiyang, Supanti 50. Attention is not because Ayang children officials. But rather the form of a teacher's responsibility to his students. "I talked to each other, I just cried nahisnya even be-so. Once calm, then Kahiyang tells that if miss his mama (Iriana Jokowi), "he explained. According to Supanti, Ayang felt the frequency of meeting with his father and mother was reduced due to busyness as an official. "I rarely see mama. Lha busy keep bu. The activity was from morning till night. Most see if you want to go to school, "said Supanti imitate Ayang curhatan at the time.

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