Juventus and Napoli found a different result

Even so, Juventus and Napoli find a different fate in Sunday's game (5/11). Both suffered heavy resistance from the semenjana team, but Juventus were luckier for a 2-1 win over Benevento while Napoli drew 0-0 at Chievo.

These results make the competition on the board more interesting. Napoli who had been superior by themselves, now only one point apart with Juventus, and two points with Internazionale Milan.

Napoli are held to a Chievo draw

Juventus made trouble through the slick game Benevento. They even conceded first when Amato Ciciretti free-kick through the net I Bianconeri.
The new Bianconeri found their best performance in the second half. Gonzalo Higuain equalized in the 57th minute. Until finally in the 66th minute, Juan Cuadrado put Juventus ahead to win.
This victory is crucial when knowing Napoli failed to gain points. I Partenopei plays ineffective while still attractive.
Many opportunities they make, but none of them are goals. It is very rare because Napoli are a very famous sharp team. The game ended goalless.

(rap / JPC)

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