Joshua Williamson presents his inspirations for Flash War

It was at the NYCC, a few weeks ago, that author Joshua William, regular on the title The Flash, announced his upcoming event for 2018: Flash War, which will be directly involved with Wally West, and which promises to be a major turning point for the Flash Family.Wally West at the heart of the inspirations for Flash WarIt is on his Twitter account that the author posted a photo of the various readings of the mythology of Flash that he will need for Flash War. These include Barry Allen's stories such as The Flash: Rebirth, Flashpoint, and The Dastardly Death of the Rogues, both written by Geoff Johns, and the first The Flash omnibus by Robert Kanigher and John Broome. But most important are works about Wally West, including Mark Waid's Terminal Velocity, The Return of Barry Allen and The Secret of Barry Allen, Geoff Johns, The Rogue War and Wonderland, and the first omnibus. of The New Teen Titans by Wolfman and Pérez. Finally, this list contains more general works at DCU, but still related to Flash: Crisis On Infinite Earths and History of the DC Universe by Wolfman and Pérez, as well as Zero Hour: Crisis in Time by Dan Jurgens and DC Universe: Rebirth by Geoff Johns, definitely present.Joshua Williamson added in substance that he did not add to his picture some works because it would reveal too much. The time is therefore to prognostics.The stack of books I need for FLASH WAR references. Took a few books out of the picture because they can spoil too much of the story … Joshua Williamson (@Williamson_Josh) November 2, 2017

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