In the previous Anatel debate, Chile 21 calls to turn 19N into the great primary of the center-left

                                                                                                    "We already call the five candidates to star on Monday 6 a debate that highlights their own virtues and mark the differences with others but to do so taking into account that is more unites than what divides them and that on Sunday 19 should be all together behind the winner. " This is the request that, at the time of the Anatel debate, the honorary president of the Chile 21 Foundation, Carlos Ominami, and other members of the board of the entity, the presidential standard-bearers representing the center left and who will confront their ideas in the program that will be shown on open television tonight.
In a letter entitled "Instead of suicide", which is also signed by the president of Chile 21, Pablo Velozo, and by the legal representative of the think tank that emerged from the Concertación, Francisco vidal, they warn that unless Two weeks before the parliamentary and presidential elections, "the center, the left, progressivism, we are about to repeat the suicide of 2009. The division is killing us. As in the Greek tragedies we know that we are going to the precipice but the actors can not do anything to avoid an end that is already written ".
The letter points directly to the confrontational speeches between the New Majority's champion, Alejandro Guillier, the DC candidate Carolina Goic, the PRO candidate Marco Enríquez Ominami, the Frente Amplio representative, Beatriz Sánchez and the PAIS party letter, Alejandro Navarro, who do not do anything else, they say, to benefit the standard-bearer of Chile Vamos, Sebastián Piñera.
"In the case of the Chilean tragedy, it should be specified that the actors can not and / or do not want to do something to avoid falling over the precipice. The harshness of the competition between the candidates of the Center and the Left is destructive. It is very difficult to support in the second round a candidacy 'captured' by the PC as stated by Goic of Guillier or a 'candidate maintained by his wife' as suggested by Guillier of ME-O, or 'related to drug trafficking' as hinted at last of Guillier. Also, Beatriz Sánchez described, from 'irresponsible' to ME-O and 'unpresentable' to Guillier. On the other hand, Navarro has affirmed that "all are co-opted by the businessmen", says the text.
He adds that, "aware of the serious political, social and cultural decline that would mean a win for Piñera, from the Chile 21 Foundation we call Carolina Goic, Alejandro Guillier, Marco Enríquez-Ominami, Alejandro Navarro and Beatriz Sánchez to agree to the country and putting the sovereign as judge a simple agreement and total common sense: that the first round of November 19 is the Great Primary that the Left Center did not have ".
For this reason Chile21 proposes "To agree on a programmatic platform that allows joining forces among the five precandidates. This common platform will be progressively needed from now until December 17 and then to March 11 in case of victory in the second round. A base for this platform may be the 13 points proposed by Chile 21 ".
Also "that next Sunday 19, as soon as possible, the results appear, as far as possible together, the five candidates announcing that they will face the second round, supporting with all their strength the candidate that has won (a)", and finally that " from a deregulated and destructive competition like the current one to a less belligerent and more constructive competition that makes a common option for the second round credible ".
"Although certainly late, this agreement is better than the prevailing dispersion and disqualification today. He can help to restore the idea that the Center is still an option for government or transformative governance, "they say from Chile 21, noting that" unfortunately, although the proposal to transform the first round into Primary was delivered by hand to the five candidates in their respective commands on Thursday, October 26, none of them has given an answer. We are sorry We still hope that an agreement of this kind can take shape in the coming days. This is the only way for the Left Center to shorten the distance from Sebastián Piñera. Otherwise, it is highly likely that you will have to face a second round that can be catastrophic. "
Finally, the signers warn that "we are in a delicate moment. Strong leadership is required to force unity. Better late than never. Today, the inevitable triumph of Sebastián Piñera will be a defeat for all: the Center, the Left, the extreme left that will be paid dearly. And nobody will be saved. The right goes for eight years. Piñera seeks to be the "best president in history". He wants to achieve it on the rubble of the old Concertación, the New Majority, the Christian Democracy, the laguismo and everything that is put before him. Candidates, humbly, we ask you to react. "



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