IKEA released a wireless charging lamp | Advertising Marketing PR

The novelty is timed to the release of new iPhone models

Today it is important for us to always be in touch. Charging gadgets has turned into the same natural part of everyday life as the morning coffee. To make this process simpler and to help smartphone owners stay in touch, IKEA company created lamps and floor lamps with built-in wireless chargers. Wires from charging units and gadgets often attract excessive attention, occupying a rather large place on shelves or tables, and make space less cozy. Interior items with the function of wireless charging will provide an opportunity to forget about unaesthetic wires from chargers and always be in touch. Now, all owners of the Apple iPhone 8 will be able to find in the shops of IKEA lamps with built-in wireless charger. The novelty can also be used by those whose phones do not support this function – it will be enough to buy a special case for wireless charging, also available in IKEA. Chargers for floor lamps and lamps are compatible with smartphones Apple iPhone and other devices that support the Qi standard. Thanks to the integrated USB port from one lamp, you can charge 2 smartphones at the same time.

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