Hearthstone Kobolds & Catacombs Promise Full Hidden Treasure Adventure

It's time we ventured into the Kobold's hideout to find their treasure at Hearthstone Kobolds & Catacombs!

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Blizzard Entertainment has been leaking the latest Hearthstone update with the full title of Hearthstone Kobolds & Catacombs this week. It seems that after we freeze in Frozen Throne, we will be taken to a dark cave full of treasures! Unfortunately these treasures are guarded by the Kobolds, the mice who have the accomplices and stand like human beings. Let's just see our promotional video:

Kobold in the world of Warcraft is quite unique described loh! They usually use clothes like humans, and put candles on their heads. One of the most frequent lines they say is, "You NO take candle." So far, some Kobolds have appeared in the world of Hearthstone. They are always associated with the effect of adding Spell Damage, but not to the current Hearthstone Kobolds & Catacombs update.
There will be many interesting features that will appear in the latest update from Hearthstone this time. Just as it was featured in some previous updates, Hearthstone Kobolds & Catacombs will feature an exciting new theme. Here is a new Keyword that will enliven your game:
The first keyword introduced by Blizzard is "Recruit." When you use a card that has a Recruit effect, then you will do a summon of one minion on your deck randomly to the board. Actually the effect of this card has never appeared on the previous patch, but now has been given an official name. This card effect is very good, because it allows you to call powerful monsters with Mana lower cost.
New card that is quite unique is Spell Stone. This card can be upgraded if you manage to achieve certain conditions that the card needs. This card mechanics is similar to a Combo system that belongs only to the Rogue class.
These cards are quite unique, they will give you random additional effects when you take them into your hands. Surely this card will always give a very useful effect for you.

In this expansion, you will also have adventures that are limited by card limitations. Here are some of the featured features:
Battle in Catacombs
Your adventure this time is down the Catacomb which consists of several areas. Each region of this dungeon will be guarded by many dangerous enemies. Of course you have to prepare the deck to beat them in a card fight. Your goal is to defeat the eight enemies who are confronting you for treasure. Already feel challenged?
Find Treasures
In addition to defeating the enemy, you will get a treasure trove of cards to fight. This special card you can bring to complete and strengthen the deck that you bring for adventure. This card has a very strong potential, even stronger than normal cards available in standard mode. They are very useful when you meet a very strong enemy.
Choose Your Loots

After defeating the enemy, you will also get a Loot of choice card that you can use to complete your adventure deck. Of course you should pay attention to which Loot you should choose, because it will affect your next adventure.
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