Heart Light Rating Declining Because of Two Antagonist Actor It!



Heart Light Rating Declining Because of Two Antagonists!
Indowarta.com – Sinetron Cahaya Hati has just arrived two newcomers who have antagonistic properties. Both have started appearing on the episode Sunday, November 5 yesterday and intend evil to Joseph's family.
Previously RCTI did amaze the loyal audience with the story of Yusuf with Azizah that must be separated. Even their struggle to survive in Jakarta is difficult.

Began trading, singing until finally appointed by their respective families. The two then met then lived in one house along with several other figures.

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Unfortunately when two antagonists in Cahaya Hati came the rating shown actually decreased. This is because netizens assume if the story line is no longer plausible.
Many protests were broadcasted by audiences in social media accounts, especially on the soap opera crew. Netizens questioned the crime that began to be committed to small children, fights and habits of the main characters.
Copyright © InstagramNetter protests because the character played by Alwi Assegaf has rarely studied and memorized the Koran. While the role of Azizah also mendapang criticism because often sad and let out a loud cry.
And spicy comments that had been revealed by netter is a matter of the existence of two newcomer antagonist characters. The two new figures were scolded by the loyal audience of Cahaya Hati for being too cruel.
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