Ga Just Singing and Dance, 6 Idol This Man Appears Jago Nge-DJ!

The idol of this man in addition to smart singing and dancing was also good at Nge-DJ! Anyone?

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Disc Jockey or often call a DJ is a profession that not everyone can do it. To become a DJ we have to learn various techniques. A very solid idol activity did not make the six male idols below surrender to learn DJ.


Seungri is one member of the K-pop group that is known to have a myriad of activities. In addition to mastering 4 languages, Seungri is also known to be good at DJ. Originally Seungri only often nge-DJ at the Big Bang concert. But because he also owns a club in Korea, he also ends up playing DJs there.

Not only that, this time Seungri even has a label that overshadow the DJ globally both in Korea and abroad. Seungri's label is called NHR or Natural High Records.

Same with Seungri, Chanyeol is also one member who mastered various abilities. One of them is nge-DJ. Chanyeol's talent was first seen during a special performance at the Music Bank event in Hanoi. Since then, Chanyeol has often been offered filling out even photo shoots as a DJ.

Starting from a hobby, Hyungwon doing DJ now also as a side profession. Hyungwon even has a stage name when he will perform a DJ appearance that is H_ONE.

The 22-year-old male idol originally came from Chicago, USA, where he is already familiar with DJ music. Johnny then honed his interest into a talent. Jhonny has also performed on SM TOWN music shows up to Golden Disc Awards.

Just like Hyungwon, Junyoung also has a stage name when he is doing a DJ. The stage name is ZE: After.

His ability in playing the DJ is no doubt, even Junyoung has received recognition from the DJ pofesional.

Taehyun is a former male idol who had controversy for leaving his group, Winner and currently he is trying to exist again with a solo career.
According to the current news, Taehyun is making a music label himself. In addition, Taehyun also seen several times nge-DJ at Club Circle. In fact he also downloaded his work on his Soundcloud account.

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