For Tim Cook the high price of the iPhone X is not a problem at all

Apple continues to present stratospheric results. A turnover rising sharply and net profits that fly away. Figures that particularly pleased the shareholders. In presenting these figures, Tim Cook also spoke about the iPhone X and its expectations sometimes using words deemed totally disconnected and shocking for some.
Apple: a net profit that flies away
The last quarter of the 2017 fiscal year of Apple, which ended in September, saw the turnover amount to 52.6 billion dollars, a particularly notable increase of + 12% over one year . Net income, meanwhile, climbed to $ 10.6 billion, a jump of + 19%. The gain per share rose to $ 2.07, a very good deal for investors because exceeding expectations.
This announcement boosted the value of the stock by + 2.63%. The most capitalized company in the world ($ 886 billion) saw the value of its stock rise by 58% over one year. The liquidity of the Apple brand is now $ 269 billion, which is a real treasure of war for the company.
The shocking statements of Tim Cook
Speaking on the iPhone X, the price is considered very high, the boss of Apple assured "that the price was not at all a problem" before adding that the demand is "very very strong" . A statement that surprised a number of people who find the price of the smartphone extremely high or exaggerated (the price of a smic in France) and suggesting that Tim Cook is disconnected from the economic reality.
But it is especially his comparison with another product that shocked. The CEO of the Cupertino company actually let go of a dubious and risky comparison by saying: "Think about it, it is the price of a few coffees a week. That's less than the price of a coffee a day in one of these pretty places. "

Photo Credits: Mike Deerkoski / Wikimedia Commons

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