For example This Appearance of Footwear Wear Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby Nasution when the Reception

     | SOLO – Wedding of President Jokowi's daughter, Kahiyang Ayu, with Bobby Nasution living days counting.

According to information in a press conference (30/10/2017), the bride and groom wanted to wear Solo Basahan when the reception.
Such as complementary clothing, the organizers have ordered the shoes for the costume wedding costume daughter RI only 1, Kahiyang Ayu, on November 8 next.
The design of the shoe is tailored to the Solo Basahan dress that is about to be done. House of Winna Shoes, a kind of home industry in Solo, selected the organizers to make shoes that would be worn by the bride in the evening reception.
"We not only make shoes for brides. However, we also make shoes for Mas Gibran, Mr. Jokowi, Mas Kaesang, and Jan Ethes, "said Lasmono, owner of the Vienna Shoe House.
Shoes that will be done by the bride is mentioned shaped slippers with black dominance and golden sequin decoration.
 The slippers to be worn by Kahiyang and Bobby Nasution when the wedding reception ( )"The surface of his shoes is made of velvet and the soles are made of fiber, "added the 62-year-old man mentioned.
Miasih, wife of Lasmono who helped shoe-making process mentioned, conveying the shoe size worn Kahiyang is 41 with high heels 5 cm.
"For the size of shoes made bride size of 43," added Mia.
Lasmono also told the order mentioned shoes classified as sudden. New orders are held a week later and must be delivered on Sunday (5/11/2017).

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