Fact Klaus Kekkai Sensen, Libra's Strongest Organization Leader

The anime fans of Kekkai Sensen must have known Klaus Von Reinherz who is the leader of the Libra organization. We will discuss the fact of Klaus Kekkai Sensen in this article so that you can know more about it. Check it out!
1Biodata Klaus

In Blood Blockade Battlefront Official Fan Book B5 mentioned that Klaus height 201 cm with body weight 136 kg. Not only that, it is also mentioned that he is birthday on December 31 so the zodiac is Capricorn.
In his manga, it is mentioned that Klaus is the third son of Reinherz's family, so many speculate he has two older brothers. On his fan book, it was not explained about the brother Klaus had but explained about his older sister.
Klaus's Favorite Food

Klaus Kekkai Fact The next sensation is his favorite food is the heart, as mentioned on his oneshot story. It is also proven in one of his manga chapters called One Butler's Blitzkrieg, Gilbert says one of the things he has to carry is heart.
3Always Looked Neat

Klaus has red hair and green eyes with the glasses he always uses. He always looks neat with a white shirt decorated with a red tie, and coated with a black vest. Klaus also wore black trousers with brown shoes to look matching with his clothes.

4The Work of a Leader

Klaus Kekkai Fact The next sensation is that he has the personality of a gentleman, always honest, determined, calm, and polite. However, Klaus would be terrible if he was angry.
As a leader of a sizeable organization, Klaus often worried about his members (especially Leo). He also did not hesitate to go straight to the battlefield to save its members. This is often used by Zapp and Daniel Law who are always stuck in trouble.
5Klaus is the strongest man in Libra

Klaus Kekkai's Facts The last sensation is that he is the strongest person in the Libra organization, even entering the list of strongest characters in the Kekkai Sensen anime.

He can fight beings from Beyond with his bare hands, even he is the only person who can fight the teachers of Zapp and Zed, the Blood Battle God.
However, in his fan book it is mentioned that the blood technique used by Klaus requires a lot of blood. In fact he is a member of Libra who uses the most blood to remove the ability it has.

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