explanations and theories about the end of the film

Attention, this is an analysis of Blade Runner 2049, directed in 2017 by Denis Villeneuve. If you're looking for an analysis of Ridley Scott's first Blade Runner in 1982, that's what it's all about: Explanations of Blade Runner. Let's get back to our sheep (hard-core fans will understand), and let's focus so on Blade Runner 2049, the film with Ryan Gosling in the title role. This is also a rather dark SF polar, taking place in a world even more devastated and gloomy than the previous film. And again, the film goes beyond the mere police intrigue and allows itself ambitious philosophical reflections for a blockbuster of this caliber. As usual on Oblikon, I will take advantage of this analysis to give you as much clarity as possible. On the program: explanations on the plot, an interpretation of the philosophical discourse of the film, unanswered questions, my opinion on the end, my theories for a possible Blade Runner 3 … Synopsis of the film In 2049, society is weakened by the many tensions between humans and their slaves created by bioengineering. Officer K is a Blade Runner: he is part of an elite Task Force tasked with finding and eliminating those who do not obey the orders of humans. When he discovers a secret that has been buried for a long time and is capable of changing the world, the highest authorities decide that it is his turn to be hunted down and eliminated. His only hope is to find Rick Deckard, a former Blade Runner who has been missing for decades … This article is 100% spoilers on the story and unfolding of the plot of the film. I obviously advise you to have seen Blade Runner 2049 before going through this analysis. I wish you good reading, and especially do not forget to react in comments and to share your hypotheses. This analysis was drafted hot. There is bound to be a lot more to say about Denis Villeneuve's film. We will now start the analysis by going back to the different models of Replicants and other important elements of understanding to address 2049 with essential knowledge. Next page: The universe of Blade RunnerWordPress: I like loading …

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