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New photo session of Kara Delevin collected thousands of comments in Instagram

Friday on Composition is not Friday without a drop of shocking (or not) revelations. Opera from orgasms, sex tourism, an erotic calendar for Putin … The collection of Friday news is replenished with a photo session of the famous British model. The famous actress and model Kara Delevin starred in a nude photo shoot with the model of Advo Aboa. Delevin is the highest-paid model in the UK: thanks to contracts with Chanel, Puma, Rimmel and YSL, the top model earned 8 million pounds in one year. The girls posed for the Chaossixtynine store, where their erotic pictures adorned the posters at 78 euros. DeLevin placed her candid pictures in her Instagram account, where they instantly typed thousands of likes and comments. Some users admired the models, others drew attention to the unconventional orientation of both girls, in any case, the indifferent did not remain.

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