# Dinard2017 Only the Land of Francis Lee

Only the Earth (God's own country) is the grand prize of the Dinard 2017 festival. It is also the Hitchcock prize of the association La Règle du Jeu. well deserved. A small anthology of why this film is a success.SynopsisJohnny works from morning till night on his parents' farm, lost in the fog of Yorkshire. He tries to forget the frustration of his daily life by getting drunk every night at the village pub and indulging in sexual adventures without a future. When a Romanian seasonal worker comes to work for a few weeks on the family farm, Johnny is moved by emotions he had never felt before. An intense relationship is born between the two men, which could change Johnny's life forever.DuoFirst, the scenario revolves around two main actors: Josh O'Connor and Alec Secareanu. And what a duo! One point that glorifies this film is the effective accuracy of this couple. Everything opposes Gheorghe and Johnny, whether in language, character or sensitivity. Yet, yes, love is striking slowly but surely at their door, and we believe it hard. Why ? First because the game of their body explodes on the screen. In addition to the excellent performance of the actors (all actors of the film included), the choice of shots are particularly judicious. From the tight frames, the closeups, the slowness of certain scenes, a maximum tension between the two young men is present continuously. This connection then works because we all want to believe it. Everyone wants to know that Johnny, in his deadly campaign, will find love where he does not expect it, will repress his prejudices and (perhaps) be happy. Because everyone can identify with this story.Love and that's the brilliance of this scenario. Only the earth is a love story, in the first degree, between two people, it could be you, you, me, but it's Gheorghe and Johnny. And believe me we want it to work for them. Even if they are imperfect, even if they are infuriating. They represent the passion between two lovers, and not just a man + another man. More and more films related to homosexuality are born, and this is obviously good news. Little catching up of the lattent vacuum on the subject for the whole LGBT community who could only identify themselves in films often on the sidelines of mainstream productions. But it is also sad to see that some of them are making the fight against homophobic principles the birth and central point of their love affair. Worse, they sometimes caricature them involuntarily. Concretely, it gives an effect "I am lesbian because I am too much a rebel of the society but one day I will remember that I am not hysterical and that I like the men". Only the earth is not at all one of them. This film, in addition to touching the "sensitive" subject of gay love, submits us to the universality of love. Baby animalsOnly the earth is a love story, but it is also a film that depicts the reality of many current European farms. In other words: the difficulties they encounter, the solutions they have engaged in, their decline. Only the land makes known the life a little stereotyped but very real of these old livestock farms supplanted by the big agro-food industries. In parallel, the film also shows the charm and the beauty of the profession of breeder, as the care of the lambs or lead the herds in the English countryside. Only the earth gracefully exposes this ambivalence of extremely hard work, both physically and emotionally, yet beautiful. Special mention for the magnificent shots of Yorkshire (I put myself twice to write it), the colorimetry, the lights, the charm of this country.Only the land is of immense tenderness, of an extreme sweetness and a transporting poetry. In addition there are plenty of baby animals so go see it. Do not be afraid of nude, if not, sodomy.WordPress: I like loading …

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