Delete a Whatsapp or how to save your dignity in 7 minutes

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Updated 03/11/2017 10:47
 Saturday night, two glasses of ms and a Whatsapp also of ms. We've all had some time (or a few) in the fervor of the party and after a moment of weakness … We sent "that message" that we should not even have written. Quiet, WhatsApp has heard our prayers and this will have a solution.

We have all regretted sending a message border, too tender, inappropriate, a photo to the wrong recipient … The options are many and the situation is repeated: "I wish I could erase it." Now WhatsApp will give you 7 minutes to reflect on what you have done and take a step back.
The new option that will save your life, or at least dignity, is called Recall and allows you to edit and delete messages sent. It is not yet available on our smartphones so for the moment abstnganse to use the mobile at 4 in the morning.

WhatsApp is going to write to FAQ soon about Recall.What does it mean? Recall may be close, finally.
? WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) June 21, 2017

You can only edit a message during the first 5 minutes, and you have 7 to erase it.
If the recipient has read it, there is no turning back. You can not erase it from WhatsApp or your mind.
Both (sender and recipient) must have installed the last update of the application.
But everything that glitters is not gold. Recall has its pros but also its cons:
As in all the crimes are left tracks and in the place that occupied the message your friend to see a: "this message was eliminated". On the other hand, eliminating your big mistake does not mean that it disappears from the face of the earth since the other person will be able to see it with the screen blocked but on entering it it will have disappeared. Same as in Instagram messages.
Although the application should qualify these small details Recall is a small step for man and a great step for your dignity.

As mentioned in my article … do you understand the problem? Your messages that other contacts have not been deleted for everyone.This is a good trick to save messages .. but at the same time its very bad developed.
? WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) November 2, 2017

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