#DCPodcasters – News # 44: Gareth Evans, Scoody-Doo and Morrison

Here we are again together for a more regular Podcast News, but much less quiet than usual. With ads, however, very singular for the most part, between Urban Comics and Morrison, it is against the unswerving passivity of my guests that I had to face alone the return of Tim Sale on Batman. DC Planet offers you a podcast as disturbed as its presenter. Disruptions justified listening to podcast like no other. So please do not apologize for the many excesses and topics discussed during this podcast, supposed to clarify the information. You can still find many laughs, ridiculous jokes and other mockeries in this podcast.The culprits are Blue (no one will be surprised), the new Twelveamz, and our guest of the community, impassive and strangely proclaims Ian0delond who had to suffer our particular characters. Add to that the few errors on my part, starting with the podcast number being the # 44 (for the fussiest) and a preparation of this podcast of the most meticulous. In the hope of brightening your day, the Staff greet you! Reminder: You can also participate in future podcasts by sending me your request by Private Message or the topic of the forum in the section Community.Programme Comics VF – 1: 05Deathstroke Rebirth Volume 01 announcedAdventure of Batman & Robin Adventures at Urban for FebruaryAdvertisement of Justice League VS Suicide Squad in bookstoreComics VO – 6: 17Cancellation of SuperwomanDC would prepare a title Batman / Wonder Woman by Liam SharpGrant Morrison on Dark Knights Rising: The Wild HuntThe interview Morrison / Paquette on Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol.2 Green Lantern Earth OneMark Russel Title Writer SnagglepussTV – 25: 554 New Characters for TitansCinema – 30: 40Animated movie Scooby-Doo / BatmanAdaptation of Superman by Tim Burton in anime movieExtra BO Justice LeagueDany Elfman picks up his theme of Batman for Justice LeagueGareth Evans for a film DeathstrokeZachari Levy becomes ShazamAdam Sztykiel in discussion to write the movie Black AdamHenry Calvill tells us about DCEUCgeneral credits – Smashing Pumpkins – Space Boy, (Siamese Dream) Podcast: Download (66.4MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |

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