Critique of Stranger Things 2 – 100% Spoilers

In 1984, in Hawkins, Indiana, a year passed since the demogorgon attack and the disappearance of Onze. Will Byers has visions of the world upside down and its master, a gigantic and sprawling creature. Several signs indicate that the monsters will cross the gate and return to the city.Stranger Things is a horror television series American horror, created by Matt and Ross Duffer and broadcast from July 15, 2016 on Netflix. It counts to date two seasons. The atmosphere of the series is strongly inspired by the 1980s fantasy and sci-fi movies, drawing its influences in the works of Steven Spielberg, John Hughes or Stephen King.CRITICAL STRANGER THINGS – SPOILER Marked by the long-awaited big comeback of the Stranger Things series on the weekend of October 27 did not go as planned for most of us. Exit the evenings of Saturday evening and the brunches of sunday noon: the Curse Netflix had again struck. Like raging Demogorgons, nine episodes of Stranger Things were dropped into the nature of a single shot.Gang of DemogorgonsGang new episodes en masse on NetflixThe second season of Stranger Things came out Friday and you still have not finished … when it's Sunday …? It's like I'm saying you have a computer, but you do not have Netflix … On its website, the Netflix messiah describes himself as "the world leader in online entertainment. With a no-obligation plan, Netflix subscribers have unlimited access to programs, wherever and whenever they want, on connected screens. The user can watch, pause and resume playback of his programs at any time, without any advertising. So, criticize a movie or a show why not, but analyze nearly nine hours of content – made by six different filmmakers elsewhere – watched at full speed, with 5 seconds of beat between each episode … it's complicated. Do you see those famous 5 seconds? Those who have forever upset the way we consume the moving image? No respite for you, 21st century consumer, frantic image, on the lookout for the latest original Netflix creation, now to give your opinion on a series will boil down to this: – You've seen the last season of Stranger Things? Â € â € œYeah grâââve! Â € â € œWhew noodle stuff? – Big phew! – When's the next season? The "choice" Although I have the unpleasant sensation of being made to sleep by the womb for a whole weekend, I will try to have a critical and cinematographic opinion on the phenomenon Stranger Things "most tweeted series of 2017 to its release "(source) .The first impression is – as with almost any audio-visual content of recent years – nice:" Oh yes, flatter me the retina of beautiful colors that never detonate, oh yes, still ! Like the little soldiers of filmmaker Wes Anderson, the current creators of content are constantly selling us advertising images, smooth, polite, perfect. Because when you draw, you do not exceed! And Stranger Things is no exception to the rule. The '70s / 80s color scheme is respected, the clothes and accessories – the Adidas product placements – are vintage, and the old school movie posters – Spielberg-backed tributes – are in place. The show can begin! From the first episode, we are swept away by a whirlwind of visual and cultural references, horror movies and science fiction from the 1970s and 1980s in particular. The series is an effective mash-up of Alien, E.T movies, The Goonies, 3rd type dating, Stand by me. The episodes parade for our greatest pleasure then, and we wander in this world-tribute full of references, responsible largely for the master shot and the success of the young franchise. Even the incredible music of the credits of the composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, sweat the deliciously disturbing retro-pop. Difficult not to bring everything back to the exercise of style. You will find on Youtube the B.O of the series: The second season, just as smooth, regular and risk-free as the first, will everyone agree. Everything is polite and well cared for. The calibration and grain of the image make a great promo to the latest post-production software, and even the loops of Winona Rider – in the title role of mother-panic whose kid is possessed by a monster – are symmetrical and well moisturized with jojoba oil unlike for example those of Rachel, mother exceeded of "SOS, my family needs help". Exceeded Woman # 1Excused Woman # 2 I would not go so far as to complain about the concept of video-on-demand, let alone Netflix whose content consistency is particularly nice, but is there any not so much limit to ease at all costs? The new Hollywood series raises the question of quantity versus the quality of the audio-visual product. The ease of access and the speed with which the series are produced today would almost lull our senses and our critical mind … The programs end up becoming more and more like, as evidenced by my dubious parallel below, around of the shovel. Coincidence? I do not think so. The man's back. He wears a hat and faces his future. Man is strong. He digs with a shovel. Shovels shovel In short, Netflix is ​​bad, but it's the ball and Stranger Things is recycled, but it's enjoyable. The object is a gem, well mastered, we take a real pleasure to follow this band of miners whose friendship and camaraderie are strength. The actors are always excellent, apart from the performer Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) who played really better when she did not speak. We are caught by the panting suspense of a particularly effective plot and montage. It was hoped secretly that there would be no third season, but the Netflix machine will once again favor profit for credibility and artistic identity. 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