Critic Blade Runner 2049 with Ryan Gosling

Released in 1982, Blade Runner is one of the great classics of Science-Fiction which, because of its universe, its visual and its philosophical reflections, has made a lot of ink (Oblikon including this, see our analysis of the film and the end) but also inspired a lot of films.This year, Ridley Scott places the order to Denis Villeneuve (one of my favorite filmmakers) who chained the boxes in recent years (Premier Contact, Prisoners, Sicario …), associated with Ryan Gosling, which generated a lot of expectations for this sequel. The review below is 100% spoiler! To know that before the release of the film were released 3 short-stories of different directors to immerse themselves in the universe and serving as a transition between the two films. Short film 1: Nexus 2036 (with Jared Leto) Short film 2: Nowhere to run (with Dave Bautista) Short film 3: Black Out 2022 (animated film by Shin'ichirō Watanabe) SynopsisIn 2049, the company is weakened by the many tensions between humans and their slaves created by bioengineering. K is a Blade Runner: he is part of an elite Task Force tasked with finding and eliminating those who do not obey the orders of humans. When he discovers a secret that has been buried for a long time and is capable of changing the world, the highest authorities decide that it is his turn to be hunted down and eliminated. His only hope is to find Rick Deckard, a former Blade Runner who has been missing for decades … A visual nuggetDenis Villeneuve has a particular mastery of staging and knows how to create a very specific atmosphere. Blade Runner 2049 is no exception. The film projects us easily into a dystopian universe, dark and in a perfect continuity of the film of 1982. The visual advances of the cinema (in comparison with 1982) make it possible to refine even more this atmosphere – which is easily reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell. The viewer is totally impregnated in Los Angeles, a city crushed by the consumer society, a decadent human society. Where a society should evolve to a degree of perfection, human beings are depicted in a selfish / dirty way and left to themselves. A scenario and characters uninspired How to approach a sequel to Blade Runner? The goal was not to make a reboot but rather a logical continuation. The Earth is a different place from 2019, the Replicants are an integral part (or almost) of society. Niander Wallace (Jared Leto) is the new magnate in charge of making replicants (distributed on land but also on other planets, to facilitate colonization). His goal is to create a perfect Replicant model, able to replace the human being. The story opens on "K" (Ryan Gosling) latest model of Replicant (Nexus 9) integrated into the Los Angeles Police (LAPD ), in charge of stalking and "finishing" the latest models 8 hidden on Earth.After finishing a hidden Replicant (embodied by Dave Bautista), he discovers buried remains of a Replicant which according to the records, would have given the life to a child. Something supposed impossible and all the more dangerous. K thus embarks on a quest in search of this mysterious child and needle thread, this quest leads him to question (and the viewer) if he would not be the child in question.These suspicions are borne by memories of K – supposedly implanted at the creation of the Replicant – linking to different clues collected in his investigation. With a little hindsight, we find that we find ourselves in a stereotyped film where the hero is pushed in search of oneself while some villains put themselves in the path, to obtain a secret bringing them more power. The film seeks to give complex dimensions to its characters without really succeeding, in the end the viewer remains a spectator and does not attach or does not project instead of the protagonists.In summaryBlade Runner 2049 is not the head of the work of SF announced or desired by many people, it is nonetheless a good film SF that projects and permeates the viewer in a rich universe, from a technological, visual and societary point of view. The film is served by a near-perfect cast (special mention for Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto) despite a Harrison Ford a little aging and soft. Blade Runner stands out by his ability to avoid creating the action movie lambda, but c is a double-edged statement. The film peaches by its lack of freshness and surprise, undergoes a few lengths and empty passages fail to keep the viewer in suspense despite the different storytelling reversals. A result in half-tone from a personal point of view waiting for a more detailed scriptwriting frame, more "philosophical" and less in the background of "happy-ending". Of course, many questions remain unanswered at the end of the film – questions that we will discuss in our analysis very soon: What will happen to the replicants on Earth? Deckard and Rachel are they really love at first sight or were they programmed to love each other? What follow for Nyander Wallace Joy really had free will Update of 05 October 2017: Our analysis of Blade Runner 2049 is online WordPress: I like loading …

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