Crazy! 5 Most Extreme Idol Fans' Action in South Korea

        source: youtubeHave a sense of awe with idols and being a fan anyway. But what if idol fans become very fanatical?

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Fan fanatics or often called sasaeng fans is a picture for a fans who become obsessed. Stage of obsession to follow idol quietly or go to places that become idol privacy.
The 5 idols below have a bad experience about fanatical idol fans

EXO popularity is already no doubt, so no wonder if they have sasaeng fans. Every member has experienced unpleasant things. For example Kai is deliberately pushed because they want to touch Kai's body. This resulted in Kai getting injured at the ankle.
In addition Suho who recently reportedly very upset with sasaeng fans named Rion. In the EXO concert, Rion carried a banner that read "Suho! Rape Me! "Suho saw the action looked furious and very angry.
Other EXO members like Chanyeol and Baekhyun are also often terrorized by calling them at break times. Chanyeol had time to download information sasaeng fans on social media but soon he remove it.
source: idol pinterestFans that are not too far behind the fans of TVXQ. Sasaeng fans managed to get into the dorm member TVXQ and take their pictures while sleeping and send the photo to their phone number. This makes the members can not rest in peace.
3Heechul – Super Junior
source: onlysuperjuniorIn a reality show, Heechul once expressed his frustration with the act of sasaeng fans. Sasaeng fans from Haechul suddenly know the code from Heechul's house. Lucky Heechul was not at home, the sasaeng fans came in and stole Heechul's underwear after it sent him to Heechul and said "Oppa..The beard in your bear is really funny!".
source: OneHallyuBigBang ever followed sasaeng fans using taxi and van. Sasaeng fans blocked the road of BigBang cars from front and back, which could jeopardize the safety of the members. Sasaeng fans release BigBang after successfully taking pictures with each member of his.
TOP also once uploaded in his social media about his frustration with sasaeng fans who do not stop ringing the bell in his house so he can not rest. In addition, Bigbang G-Dragon member is also very disturbed by sasaeng fans who often take his picture that was sleeping on the plane.
source: wowkeren Some of the fans of BTS acted outrageously because they bought the same plane tickets with the members and even picked a seat right next to the members. It makes the members feel uncomfortable. They can not rest because of being invited to chat and take pictures.

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