Cover Lagu 'Too Sweet', Lara Bahagia Kaka Slank Follow Instagramnya

Singer Lara does not believe the song cover song Too Sweet belongs to the legendary band Slank brought many surprises. First, the cover managed to break through 4.7 million on YouTube with lots of positive comments and likes. Second, Instagramnya @larassyp account is followed by Kaka Slank.
In-follow vocalist Slank of course like ketiban durian fall for singer of this song you. Because the woman from Sidoarjo is indeed ngefans with the band who rode in Gang Potlot it.
"I'm so happy, I do not think Kaka would follow me, it's like a pride I just happened to be a concert singer in Surabaya, I was once the opening singer," Lara story met in Kota Kasablanka, South Jakarta, recently.
Not complacent with just covering the song, Lara also released the newest single is named as the name of Lara. Unexpectedly anyarnya works received an exhilarating response from listeners and music charts on the radio.

"Alhamdulillah a new song titled Lara topped the charts on some radio.A few time ago fitting promo in East Java the songs I ngehits occupy the top five charts," he smiled.
Lara herself released your debut single in mid-2013 which now appears in acoustic version and circulated on YouTube. After that he also introduced some single one of them is an English song called Negotiation.
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