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As the geeks know in the next few weeks the DCEU will release one of their films on a wider scale of the Justice League, of course before reaching it the DCEU should start with some solo films to form the superhero characters that will be involved, for example like Superman's solo movie on 2013 and continues into the sequel to Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.
In addition DC also has several other superhero solo films that will support the Justice League movie is one such as Wonder Woman released in June, as well as some spin-offs from some other superhero to come. Some geeks may be confused about the timeline that is currently being formed by the DCEU, as the plot we see today is still confusing as it is still the first sequence of the universe. Therefore below this geeks can see the timeline formed by DC Extended Universe.

Man of Steel 2013
Image Source: DC ComicMan of Steel is the first DCEU film to tell of the battle between Superman and General Zod, a killer from Jor-El, Zod and his followers have been thrown into the shadow zone, but with the explosion of the Krypton planet they joined free.
Long story short, Zod comes to earth and fights with Kal-El aka supermen because Zod has the goal to turn the earth into a new Krypton planet. Most of the Metropolis city was devastated by their battle together, leaving thousands of innocent lives flying. Because of this impact Batman felt felt if Superman is not worthy of being considered a hero.

Batman VS Superman 2016
The impact of Superman and Zod battles is one reason why Bruce Wayne aka Batman does not like Superman, since the previous battles made a huge destruction at Metropolis, but there are other factors that make Bruce even more grudging. due to the explosion that occurred during the trial, Bruce is very confident if Superman can see a bomb installed there, but the explosion still occurs and make people who are in the area of ​​the trial died.
Although the battle between Batman and Superman took place, in the end they both worked together to fight Doomsday, the villain created by Lex Luthor with DNA from him with Zod, not to mention the appearance of Wonder Woman also managed to help them both to defeat the creatures created by Lex Luthor the. But bad luck happened to Superman because he had to die after getting hit. Because of this Superman death Batman and Wonder Woman decided to form the Justice League with the goal of protecting the Earth from attacks that can happen at any time.
Suicide Squad 2016
Image Source: The Suicide Squad film is one of the films designed to expand the universe of DCEU, besides Suicide Squad film is also one of the unique films because it involves the main villains DC such as Joker, Slipknot, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Deadshot, El Diablo, Rick Flagg, Enchantress and Harley Quin are forcibly to become a hero or die of a micro bomb embedded in their body.
Sucide Squad film is set after the incident Batman VS Superman because then many riots occurred after Superman died. Although this film tells the criminals, but the response is really remarkable so Warner Bross decided to make a sequel Suicide Squad 2
Wonder Woman 2017
Image Source: hdqwalls.comWonder Woman Appearance aka Price Diana on Batman Vs Superman movie really get a very positive response before the solo movie was released in June 2017 yesterday, considering his performance with Batman and Superman face the Doomsday creature is amazing. But Wonder Woman's solo movie focuses on the prequel story, which was then the first world war in progress.
At first Diana was an ordinary female knight before she realized her true power as God Killer because Ares is considered the mastermind behind the battles that have occurred so far. But in the end he realizes that warfare is indeed the nature of living things, but it has another purpose to protect mankind from threats. As said earlier, Batman and Wonder Woman will be the superhero who will form the Justice League team, therefore when in his solo movie he is in Paris, exactly a company Wayne Enterprises.
Justice League 2017
Image Source: MLD SpotJustice League is one of the most awaited movie by geeks who love the story from DC, considering it will be released in the next few weeks. What makes it interesting in the Justice League movie is that the DCEU superhero will join against Steppenwolf who is ambitious to rule the Earth to get Mother Box. In addition to featuring Batman and Wonder Woman, the Justice League movie will also feature some other superheroes who will have their own solo movies such as Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg.
The film Justice League was previously directed by Zack Snyder who is director of the movie Man of Steel and also Batman VS superman, but he retired from the director's chair after his son died. Although he resigned but the project Justice League movie is still going on after Josh Whedon replace the director position. Geeks need not be too worried because the Justice League still use the storyline before though had experienced a lot of reshoot process.
Aquaman 2018
Image Source: Batman News.comAquaman is a character who became one of the superhero who joined the Justice League team, although he only has his solo movie in 2018, but its appearance has been mentioned in the movie Batman VS Superman and make it one DC's selected iconic character.
Aquaman's solo movie will be a sequel to his appearance in the Justice League and make the geeks have to watch the Justice League first to understand the next storyline of this superhero. The film that tells the adventures of Arthur Curry is said to have completed the filming process and certainly the movie Aquaman be the only DCEU film that will release in 2018.
Shazam 2019
Although Shazam aka Captain Marvel is not involved in the film Justice League later, but he remains one of the superhero characters owned by DCEU. Not much information or synopsis is shared for this one movie project, which is sure at the beginning of this performance will tell the origin of the strength of the character Billy Batson after receiving the legacy of a mysterious magician.
Some time ago had circulated the news that Captain Marvel / Shazam will be facing Black Adam in his spin-off movie later. Shazam film is currently entering the pre-production stage to meet the release date in April 2019.
Suicide Squad 2
After the success of the first film Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. decided to produce a sequel movie that is planned to release in 2019 to present some iconic figure in the first film. But until now there has been no confirmation about this film project. In addition, the cast members involved in the previous film also still can not be sure to re-engage in Sucide Squad 2, although Warner Bross has appointed Gavin O'Connor to re-lead the film project.
Wonder Woman 2 2019
Image Source: HeyUGuysOn the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 event that took place in August Josh Whedon announced that Wonder Woman's second solo movie will be in production soon after the success of his first amazing movie and have a positive impact on DCEU. In addition, the previous film director Patty Jenkins in the news had agreed to become director again in the sequel movie this time with Gal Gadot who plays Woner Woman's iconic superhero. In addition, the studio also scheduled this film for release at the end of 2019.
Cyborg 2020
Image Source: As Geeks know Cyborg is one of the superheroes who will fight with other DC superheroes to fight Steppenwolf in the Justice League movie later, but until now he still does not have his own solo movie. The Cyborg film project is currently in the planning stage even though the studio is scheduling a Cyborg solo film released in April 2020. Until now there has been no further information for the plot of Cyborg movies, which surely Geeks will see his first debut in the upcoming Justice League movie.
Green Lantern Corps 2020
Source Gamabr: Maybe geeks are no stranger to the Green Lantern character, considering he has already released two solo movies in the past. However the DCEU tries to reproduce the Green Lantern film to form its association with several other DCEU films. Although the current Green Lantern film project is still in the planning stages, but the studio is scheduling this movie for release in theaters in July 2020.
Although Green Lantern characters are not announced to appear in the Justice League movie, geeks speculate that one of the Green Lanterns will appear in the Justice League movie later because in the origin story he is one of the original members of the Justice League.
Flash Point 2020
Image Source: SlfyThe Flash is one of the superheroes that will be involved in the upcoming Justice League movie, although to date The Flash has not had his own solo movie. But some geeks must have known him, considering that he already has his own TV series.
Surely this solo movie will be different from the TV series, because currently DCEU is trying to build a wider universe with some new movies from the DC superhero. Unfortunately this film project is still not be sure because the Warner Bros. is waiting for a response from his appearance in the Justice League despite being planned for release in 2020.
That geeks is a series of timelines that are currently being formed by DCEU, of course there are many other films that will be released by DCEU to expand the universe they have in the long run like Batgirl solo movies, The Batman, Gotham City Siren, Justice League Dark, Man of Steel 2 and some other more interesting films. But some projects from the DCEU movie still do not have a release date or more complete information. Therefore stay tune and hold geeks at for more information.
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