Committee of BTS Ultras 100 Ready Responsibility

Through a letter signed by Race Director Rudi Rochmansyah, the BTS Ultra 100 Committee will not run away from responsibility for the incident that happened to Cilodong, Depok, West Java (Jabar) runner.

"The Committee of BTS 100 states with full responsibility for this unexpected event," said Rudi Rochmansyah. He also expressed his condolences to the victims and their families.

Andi Nursaiful passed away following the Bromo Tengger Semeru (BTS) Ultra 100
(Doc Pataga Indonesia)

"On this tragedy we, the committee of BTS Ultras 100, feel lost and utter the deepest grief.Hopefully the deceased is accepted by His side and the family is given strength and strength," hoped Rudi.
As reported previously, Andi Nursaiful (48 years) was found dead in the area Ranupane, Saturday, at 05.00 pm. Victims start from 01.00 pm.
Meanwhile, condolences began to flow for the victims. Association of Mountain Climber and Nature Explorers (Pataga) Indonesia admitted to losing one of the best members. The victim is a former rock climbing athlete and trail runner marathon specialist.
"The deceased is also a great instructor who has inspired many people to continue brgerak and exercise," wrote Pataga Indonesia.
According to information compiled, the victim Andi Nursaiful is the color housing Cenning Ampe, Sukamaju, Cilodong, Depok, West Java (West Java).

(saf / JPC)

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