Chicken Sauce T * Lard Wind! (VIDEO)

You think chicken chocolate sauce is a strange combination? Hold my beer! We tried various combinations of fried chicken with exotic sauce!
Later behind the day when this paper was made (confused not lu?), The world again shocked by a combination of foods that, well …. strange. Having previously had chicken with cheese sauce (which tastes good), there is now a chicken with brown sauce. Yes, you did not misread, chicken chocolate sauce!
For those of you who are curious about the taste, but unwilling to try it, a few days ago crew had tasted the chicken chocolate sauce. Based on one of our crew casualties-Nyasu-who dared to taste it, the flavor of the chocolate sauce chicken like Cho * i Cho * i ((͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)) was mixed with chilli powder-not good, according to him.

The Internet is divided into two over the emergence of the most astonishing combination in history. Some people think that chicken chocolate sauce is delicious, but some others think that it feels bad.
Regardless of the delicious or not chicken chocolate sauce, we were intrigued to fall deeper into the dark side of the world of fried chicken. We also mengatimatum two crew (again) and Dimas Slebor-to be a taster of magical combinations of other fried chicken.
Various kinds of sauce we try, ranging from strawberry jam, coffee, to herbal T * lak Wind. Want to know what kind of suffering is passed by our two victims? Check out more in the video below:

Based on Seto Mulyadi-style monitoring with both of our crew as a guinea pig, they also reveal a pretty startling conclusion:

It turns out that Chicken Sauce T * lak Angin is the best combination of food nowadays!

I do not know, I'm not sure why they agree that Chicken Sauce Chicken Lard is the best combination of fried chicken when compared to chicken chocolate sauce, matcha sauce chicken, to strawberry sauce chicken.
Maybe their tongues are eror or bugs after tasting the strange combination before. Or the tongue of Indonesians accustomed to locally made spices-as you know, herbs T * lak Angin (based on the composition written on the back) contains a lot of spices.
But for sure, I do not want to try the combination of fried chicken and the drug. Hehe. Do you dare taste the fried chicken T * lak this Wind sauce?

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